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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1.0 Can I obtain a Rest and Ride Van for exclusive use for commuting needs?
  Yes, however, you must have at least 10 riders and have your own primary and alternate drivers with good driving record.
2.0 What are the requirements to become a driver?
  You must be at least 21 years of age, a good driving record for the past three years.
3.0 How much does it cost?
  Cost varies by route, please contact Rest and Ride Vans for more information.
4.0 Can Rest and Ride Vans drivers use the van for personal use?
  No. The van is not to be used for personal use.
5.0 What happens if the van breaks down?
  There is a roadside emergency kit under the back seat. In case of an emergency, please call Rest and Ride Vans immediately.
6.0 What are the driver's responsibilities?
  The main driver is in control of the van and makes all final decisions (in case of emergency, bad weather, early departure due to holiday traffic, etc.) and has full authority of the vanpool.
7.0 What does Rest and Ride Vans provide?
  Rest and Ride Vans provides the vans, fuel, maintenance, van washing, and insurance.
8.0 Is this a non-smoking van?
  All Rest and Ride Vans are non-smoking vans. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
9.0 Whom do I contact, if I have questions or concerns regarding the vanpool service?
  Please feel free to contact Rest and Ride Vans to have your question or concerns addressed. Remember we are here to serve you.